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Friday, July 3, 2015

Noble Warrior by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

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Noble Warrior
by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

When we last left McCutcheon Daniels in Caged Warrior, he was being whisked off to a new life under the witness protection plan.  Leaving Kaitlin and his new school behind, he was hoping to save his sister from his hoodlum father and the gang he runs with, the Priests.

Life has been safer for Gemma and their mother, but McCutcheon is haunted by the memory of Kaitlin and all that he left behind.  Having been recruited by the FBI as a teen agent, McCutcheon once again has to choose between his new life and the possibility of going back to Kaitlin and his old life.

This time McCutcheon agrees to infiltrate the prison where his father is incarcerated.  His mission?  Assassinate the leader of the Priests.  His motivation?  If he doesn't, Kaitlin will pay the price.

Torn by wanting to be a better man than his father or the Priests and needing to save Kaitlin at any cost serves as the tension in the novel.  How far will he go to save the girl he loves?  If he takes another man's life, does that make him as heinous as the Priests?  Does anyone have his back?  Who can he trust?  Can he trust himself?

The fast pace of Sitomer's new novel will keep you turning the pages.  The ending will have you waiting anxiously for the next saga in the life of McCutcheon Daniels.

The novel does contain graphic violence that might not be suitable for younger children.  Keep that in mind if you are purchasing for middle grades.

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