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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Found Things by Marilyn Hilton

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Found Things 
by Marilyn Hilton

River is missing one of the most important things in her life, her brother.  No matter how many other things she finds, they can't replace Theron, her big brother.  

Hilton doesn't come out and tell us what happened to Theron; we know that there was a car accident, that he was suspected of drinking and driving, and that their father told him to never come back.  But River knows that her brother isn't a bad person and even if he did do the things people are saying, she wants him to come home.

Meadow Lark is the new kid in town.  Most kids tease her for being odd, but River likes Meadow Lark and they quickly become friends.  When Meadow Lark's father has to go out of town for work, she asks if she can stay with River's family.  Hesitant at first, eventually River's parents embrace Meadow Lark in a way that makes River feel as if she's not only lost her brother, but her parents as well.

The denouement of the story is an epic storm that has Meadow Lark, River and her parents in danger.  There are some things that are more dangerous than the threat of drowning; the threat of memory and heartbreak.

Found Things is a quick read about friendship and redemption.  It should appeal to middle grade readers.

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