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Monday, July 20, 2015

Se7en Second Delay by Tom Easton

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Se7en Second Delay
by Tom Easton

In this post-apocalyptic story, the country lives in sections of the haves and the have-nots.  Everyone wants to go to the First, to have a job, to live in comfort, but the First doesn't take just anyone.

Mila and Julian were headed to the first when an accident leaves her on her own.  She becomes an "Applicant" and is interrogated about what she knows, where she was going and what her motives are.  Trusting only what Julian has told her, she escapes from her captors.  On the run, the only advantage she has from high-tech monitoring is a seven second delay on her feed.

As the world watches, Mila must convince the world that she is not a terrorist, figure out what Julian was trying to tell her and manage to stay alive.  Se7en Second Delay is a faced paced read that will have you racing to the last page.  This story is a nice balance between a frightening future and the capacity to fight for what is right in the world.  

This book is suitable for middle school students to adults and would be a great asset to the school library collection.


  1. This was a little in the violent side for me, and since interest in dystopian books has waned in my library, I think I'll pass. Had its moments, though!

    1. I must agree, it was violent, and the main characters are young adults, which might also give a librarian some pause; I apologize for not including that in my post. It's interesting that the preoccupation for dystopian stories is waning in your library, it could be that it just seems like the same story told with different characters. To me, Se7en Second Delay read like more of a spy novel than a fantasy, we'll see how it circulates! Thank you for your comment!