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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker

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The Witch Hunter 
by Virginia Boecker

The year is 1558 and young Elizabeth is a witch hunter, a damn good one at that.  Orphaned at an early age, she and her friend Caleb found a home working for the king and bringing in witches; to be burned at the stake.

When Elizabeth herself is arrested for being a witch and thrown into prison, she's sure Caleb will come and rescue her.  What she never could have imagined, the world's most notorious wizard, Nicholas Perevil, has come to her rescue instead. 

At first she hopes that by turning in Perevil, she'll reclaim her spot as esteemed witch hunter, working for Lord Blackwell.  But what she comes to discover is that Lord Blackwell is not all that he seems to be.  

After her rescue, she meets other witches and wizards who live together with Perevil, including a handsome and charming healer named John.  Add to that, Nicholas Perevil is dying, and Elizabeth seems to be the one thing that can cure him.  

Will she find a home with this infamous group of witches and wizards?  Will Caleb come and find her and bring her home?  Which world will she pick.

***I thoroughly enjoyed this story of bravery and witchcraft!  My only complaint is that Elizabeth is accused of witchcraft because she is found with herbs that help end pregnancy.  She needs these herbs because she is a courtesan to the King.  This is a serious issue that is not addressed in the book; it is glossed over and only referred to.  The seriousness of this issue belies the levity of the story.  I'm not sure how Boecker could have married the two, but I wish that her crime was something more along the lines of herbs to make you stronger or trying to make a love potion.

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