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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

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The Scorpion Rules
by Erin Bow

An Artificial Intellegence, Talis, is in charge of keeping the peace in this post apocalyptic story, and "Talis's first rule of stopping wars:  'Make it personal.'"  Towards that effort, every leader in this new world must send one of their children to live in 'Preceptures' as 'Children of Peace'.  If your territory goes to war, you sacrifice that child.  Makes for some peaceful times.

Until the day Greta's precepture receives a new Child of Peace, a boy, and one who is not willing to follow the rules.  Greta befriends this new Child, Elian, even after it is clear that it might get her in a load of trouble.  When it becomes imminent that Greta's land is going to go to war with Elian's, she isn't sure that she can surrender herself the way that her upbringing has taught her.

Falling for Elian, and realizing that her roommate is more special that she could have imagined, Greta searches for a way to save her life.  Whether it is Elian or Xie, Greta finally has something to live for, but is she strong enough to go through with it?  You'll have to read The Scorpion Rules to find out!

The Scorpion Rules is a fresh look at a "what if"? scenario.  There is some violence and sexual innuendo that I imagine would be geared more toward a high school audience.  SPOILER ALERT:  What I really liked about this story is that there is an LGBTQ awakening, yet that is not at the crux of the story.  I think that many of my LGBTQ students would be able to relate to the questions that Greta and Xie have, and would appreciate the fact that it's complicated.  And....the story would be just as engaging without the love triangle!

The Scorpion Rules is the first in what promises to be a page-turning series.  I for one, can't wait to read the next one!

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