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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Inventor's Secret by Andrea Cremer

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The Inventor's Secret
by Andrea Cremer

In this steampunk version of history, we did not win the Revolutionary War, we are still dependent upon Great Britain, and they are not happy that we tried to fight back.  Set in the early 1800's, there is a place where the rebels send their children until they can join the resistance at 18, it is called the Catacombs.  Built underground in a secret location, it is where Charlotte calls home.

The older children who live in the Catacombs scavenge for scrap metal and subside on a simple existence.  Everything changes when Charlotte, who has been out scavenging, brings home a young boy instead of machine parts.  Not being able to recall why he was running through the woods, everyone but Charlotte is suspicious of the boy they call Grave; but she has seen the fear in his eyes, whatever he is, he is afraid.

Ashley is Charlotte's older brother and he is the leader in the Catacombs.  He and his handsome friend Jack are hiding a secret, but when Charlotte discovers what they're up to, she wants to be involved.  Killing two birds with one stone, the young freedom fighters decide to travel to the "Floating City" to see if they can meet with others in the resistance and find out more about Grave.

Society proves to be more daunting than outrunning the Empire's Rotpots through the forest.  Revealing dresses, servants and feminine niceties don't come naturally to Charlotte.  Will she unintentionally give them away?  Can she navigate through the social strata of the "Floating City"?  Can she find out the secret of the boy they call Grave?  The Inventor's Secret has been selected as the Best Children's Book of the Year and was on YALSA's Top Books for Teens in 2015.  The next book in the series comes out in early November, and I can hardly wait!  I expect that The Inventor's Secret series will be the next must-read for teens everywhere!

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