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Monday, October 19, 2015

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

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by Alexandra Bracken

Henrietta, Etta, is a normal teen-aged girl.  She has trouble bonding with her mother, she is still reeling from a breakup with her boyfriend and she is determined that she is going to be the next best violin player in the world.  And then one day, that world is ripped apart and she finds herself a pawn in a timeless battle for power and wealth.  

Traveling through time, Etta has to decide what is most important in her life; her mother who has lied to her, time as she has always known it, or true love.  Exotic locales and historic time periods are the backdrop for romance and faced-paced adventures.  I don't think that I could decide which parts I like best, the descriptions of Damascus in 1599 or the romantic tension that slowly builds between Nicholas and Etta.

Students from middle to high school will be drawn to this novel whether they like fantasy, historical fiction or even romance.  Although told from Etta's point of view, I don't think that it is too girly for boys to enjoy as well.  I have put it on my next book order!  

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