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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

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by Brandon Sanderson

Calamity has hit.  Calamity was an explosion in the sky that gave certain people special powers and turned them into Epics.  Epics rule the country without any trace of benevolence.  In Newcago, residents have it a little easier; they have food, electricity and jobs.  However, Newcago is controlled by Steelheart, a vicious High Epic who is protected by other powerful Epics under his rule.

David has been studying Epics ever since he witnessed his father being slayed by Steelheart.  His father had believed that there were Epics that were good and would stand against those who used their powers to intimidate and terrorize people.  David has witnessed one other thing:  he has seen Steelheart bleed.

David joins forces with a group of vigilantes called the Reckoners.  The Reckoners are dedicated to ridding the Fractured States of Epics.  But so far they have only managed to eliminate Epics that don't have much power.  How will they make a difference if they can't go up against the most powerful Epics?  Every Epic has a weakness.  It is up the David and the other Reckoners to find Steelheart's weakness and bring him to his knees.

Steelheart is a faced-paced thriller that combines human ingenuity with a well thought out fantasy world.  Many teens and adults alike will lose themselves in Sanderson's post apocalyptic Fractured States.  I highly recommend Steelheart to students in upper elementary school through high school.  And speaking for at least one adult, I can barely wait for book two of this series!

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