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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alliance by Mark Frost

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by Mark Frost

In Alliance, Frost continues the adventures of Will and his friends; Ajay, Nick, Elise and Brooke.  As the team discovers more about the Knights of Charlemagne, they also discover more about themselves and their special skills.  

Frost has us exploring the tunnels on the island, the crag and even the equipment room in the boys' locker room.  The suspense will have you hanging on until the last page.

What happened to Lyle?  Who were the Knights of Charlemagne?  Are they here to protect us from those who have come from the Never Was?  Or are they in cahoots with the grotesque creatures?  Who are Will's parents?  And what really happened to them?

Alliance is a quick read that ends abruptly, leaving the reader wanting more!  Number three in the Paladin Prophecy can't come soon enough.  Message to Mark Frost:  Dad's List of Rules to Live By #15; be quick but don't hurry!

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