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Friday, June 9, 2017

All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis

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All Rights Reserved
by Gregory Scott Katsoulis

Speth is on her way to her party.  When all children in the Dome turn 15, they receive their cuff at a public ceremony.  You see, all words, gestures and other forms of communication are trademarked, restricted or copyrighted.  The cuff will automatically charge each family as they communicate.  At her party, Speth will find out which brands will sponsor her.  She's hoping for some good ones, as her family is poor.  However, before she arrives at the park, a boy her age that she had a flirtation with, walks up to her, kisses her and then jumps off a bridge.

Beecher's untimely death causes Speth to reconsider these long held laws, and she decides not to talk at all.  But this decision sends ripples through the community that creates ramifications that Speth couldn't have foreseen.  Speth becomes disdained by the powerful in her community, yet championed by the disenfranchised.  

Unprepared for the chaos that her decision has incited, Speth has to figure out how to take care of her family while adhering to her stance.  Can she be a change-maker?  Can one girls' actions against an authoritative regime bring down a system that is grounded in fear and greed?  All Rights Reserved is a great choice for book groups as it will bring up many hot-button issues.  It is both relevant and engaging.  

This book would be great for high school students and adults.  The violence might be a little heavy-handed for the middle school student, you have to know your audience.  It might also be paired nicely with a classic, such as 1984.  

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