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Friday, May 26, 2017

Frostblood by Elly Blake

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by Elly Blake

Sometimes when you think the last thing YA readers need is another fantasy about colliding realms, good and evil and love reigning supreme, you are surprised by a story so compelling that you allow the dishes to  pile in the sink to read just one more chapter!  This was Frostblood.

Frostblood starts similarly to Bambi, when Ruby loses her mother.  Again, like Bambi, this event draws the reader in by tugging at their heartstrings.  On her own, Ruby has to keep her special gift hidden while figuring out who she can trust; and more importantly, who she can't.

Frostblood would be great for book groups, there are many themes that will be relatable to young readers.  Hot and cold, good and evil, right and wrong, family all with a little romance thrown in!  This book would also be appropriate for upper elementary school students as neither the violence, or the romance is over-the-top.  And, it's going to be a series, so students will be excited about that!

If you haven't read Frostblood yet, you're in luck.  Save it for poolside and start your summer off with a fun, engaging read!  And with all the descriptions of frost, you won't need a fan to cool off!  I can't wait for Fireblood, I'm hoping it will keep me warm this winter!  

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