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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Liszts by Kyo Maclear, Illustrated by Julia Sarda

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The Liszts 
by Kyo Maclear
Illustrated by Julia Sarda

This charming picture book is about the Liszt family; they write Lists.  Mama made lists of illnesses and soccer players.  Papa made lists of chores and insects.  The youngest made lists of fun things to do, and the oldest made top ten lists.  The middle child made long lists and Grandpa?  He and the cat made lists of their enemies.  The Liszts made lists all day long, "except Sundays, which were listless."  

Then one day they had an unexpected visitor.  Most of the Liszts are confounded by the visitor, but one of them has been expecting him.  Together they have a list of questions.  

The story is simple, yet clever.  But the illustrations steal the show.  Each page tells a story in and of itself.  You will want to linger on each page; finding details such as the whistle around Mama's neck, Winifred's red lipstick, Grandpa's age spots and the scattered Lego at the base of the castle.  

Although this book is intended for elementary school aged children, it will appeal to a broad range of people of any age who appreciate storytellers and list-makers!

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