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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dangerous Jobs: Special Forces Operator by Chris Bowman

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Dangerous Jobs:  Special Forces Operator 
by Chris Bowman

Special Forces Operator is one in the series of Dangerous Jobs.  This book is perfect for a reluctant reader or an ELL student.  The book is loaded with pictures of the Special Forces Operators in all aspects of their job.  There is also a glossary, an index and a list for further reading.

Some interesting facts that I learned about this division of the Armed Forces is that all individuals who enter the Special Forces must learn another language, and that they typically don't wear a uniform, even while performing their duties.

Although this book screams "boys", I think that girls would learn something from it as well.  With women in the Marines competing for jobs that have typically been held by men, this is a timely book that will appeal to a broad range of middle school students.

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