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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg

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The Dream Lover 
by Elizabeth Berg

The Dream Lover fictionalizes the life and exploits of the author George Sands.  We follow her as a young child, the product of a scandalous marriage.  She loses her beloved father early and is left to be raised by her strict, if not loving, grandmother whom has never accepted her mother.  Longing to be part of her mother's life, she spends most of her formative years trying to get her attention - good and bad.

The other side of this story is Aurore's (George Sands given name) doomed marriage and subsequent affairs.  

The story is mostly sensual, most especially Aurore's affair with a famous actress and leaves the reader hoping that she'll eventually find a relationship that sustains her physically, emotionally and intelligently.  But alas, neither the reader nor George Sands finds the total package.  The one relationship that might have been her most sustaining is just briefly mentioned toward the end of the book, making me think that the happy, solid relationships don't sell books.

I was left wanting more.  More of a bond with her children, more emotion about the dissolution of her marriage, more of something that I could sink my teeth into.  George Sands was definitely ahead of her time and a woman to be admired, but Berg seems to fall just short of making me like her.

That being said, I think The Dream Lover would make an excellent Lifetime movie!

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