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Monday, September 22, 2014

I am the Mission by Allen Zadoff

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I am the Mission
by Allen Zadoff
I am the Mission is the second book in the Unknown Assassin series by Allen Zadoff.  Usually I hesitate to read a book in a series when I haven't started from the beginning, but I thought that my students might like this one, and I'm glad I did! 
Zadoff gives us enough information in book two to be able to keep up with the plot.  What we know:  Daniel is an agent working for "The Program."  He has just come off an assignment where the girl that he loves has dies.  He tries to take some time off, to get his thoughts in order when The Programs comes looking for him.  He is given a new assignment:
His new assignment is to infiltrate a youth camp run by a man named Eugene Moore.  Moore has been designated as a risk to National security by The Program.  Zach's assignment - become Daniel Martin, gain access to Moore and eliminate the threat.
I am the Mission has more twists and turns than the castle at Hogwarts!  The plot is engaging, the characters enticing and the action non-stop.  The end will leave you marking your calendar for the next book to come out!  I recommend I am the Mission to anyone who loves a good adventure, mystery buffs and anyone who just likes a good story! 

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