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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier

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Sam is a young woman who has quit her day job to focus on her writing.  She has previously written two true crime novels and is in the process of writing the third.  This book that she is writing chronicles "the Butcher", a serial killer who preyed on young women in the Pacific Northwest.  But Sam has a personal interest in the Butcher, she believes that he killed her mother.

Matthew is Sam's boyfriend.  He is the brains and chef behind a very successful line of food trucks and a restaurant called Adobo.  Sam also has a personal connection to the Butcher, his grandfather was the police officer who shot and killed the man that was thought to be the Butcher, two years before Sam's mother was killed.  

They share one other detail, both their mothers died when they were young.  As Sam researches the Butcher and Matthew learns more about his family history, their stories intertwine in other ways as well.  

Hillier explores the nature vs. nurture question while simultaneously drawing the reader into a twisting look at whether your family history predetermines who you will be.  Hillier has created a suspenseful and well paced story that will surprise you in the end.  I highly recommend The Butcher to any reader who appreciates a good mystery!

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