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Monday, October 7, 2013

Mr. Max: The Book of Lost Things by Cynthia Voigt

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Mr. Max: The book of lost things
by Cynthia Voigt

Although the premise of this book is far-fetched, I found Mr. Max to be quite a charming character.  Abandoned by his parents, Max is determined that he is going to be independent.  Supported by his grandmother and eventually by a boarder, Max finds his way toward that independence.

Not quite a detective, nor a private investigator, Max does solve the townspeople's problems while also trying to unearth the biggest mystery of all, what happened to his parents?

If you can get over the unlikelihood of parents leaving their 12 year old to fend for himself, you will find the adventures of Mr. Max to be delightful.  The characters that we meet along the way are well-developed and interesting.  The writing is engaging and when I finished the last page, I found myself wanting more!

This story is young enough to have in either an elementary or middle school library but adventurous enough to attract the older student.  Mr. Max is scheduled to be a trilogy and I'm looking forward to reading more of Max's exploits!

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