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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Will in Scarlet by Matthew Cody

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Will in Scarlet
by Matthew Cody
Having thoroughly enjoyed Powerless by Matthew Cody, I was excited to read Will in Scarlet.  I wasn't disappointed!  Cody has an effortless writing style that propels the reader through his characters' adventures.  The Will of Will in Scarlet is a young boy who suddenly has to become a man when his father is off to war his castle is raided, his uncle killed before his eyes and his mother is whisked off to safety to her homeland.
The adventures are what will appeal to young boys, but the story is what captivated this old librarian.  Will must chose between revenge and friendship.  I'm happy to say that he chooses wisely.  Young readers will see themselves in some of the situation that Will encounters.  Although this story is set in medieval England, students today will easily recognize having to choose between letting their anger get the best of them and sticking up for what is right and good. 
I think that Will in Scarlet would make a good addition to a school library, primarily for grades five through seven.  Teachers might be able to make some curriculum connections with the story being a re-telling of the classic Robin Hood. 

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  1. I'll take another look at this, but it didn't captivate me right away. He chooses revenge, right? Darn it, probably not. My copy had a pale blue cover, which didn't make as much sense.